On the Road to Journalism – A JTP Story

My experience as a member of the Journalism Training Program through GameSkinny - a life changing experience.

My experience as a member of the Journalism Training Program through GameSkinny - a life changing experience.

As I started writing on GameSkinny during July/August, I never would have imagined that I could enjoy writing as much as I do here. During my time on the JTP (Journalism Training Program), I was given the tools to aid in the progression of my writing, and guidance on the formatting of my articles. I can tell you, it really has changed my writing.

So writing about video games, right?

Many people who find out that I write about video games for experience and exposure find it to be a bit silly. They don’t truly understand that video games is an on-going business that has many aspects, from reviews to demographics, that encompass the field. Although they are ‘games’, their popularity has grown in the past few decades; proving to be a worthy career.

As for writing about such a big booming business, it can be a bit overwhelming when you discover that there seems to be more games out there than stars in the sky. Doing your research for a game becomes second nature, and you become accustomed to wanting more games than ever before.

GameSkinny’s Editors

Without the wonderful editors on GameSkinny, I guarantee my writing would be sub-par to what it is now. They go to infinity and beyond when it comes to critiquing your articles, with aid in the formatting. They’re always there to lend a hand, and lay down the grammar hammer when they see fit. Because of their grammar doting, I can say I’ve learned more about the rules of writing than I ever did in primary school.

The Experience of a Lifetime

I never thought it was possible to write about video games until I joined the JTP. It always seemed like one of those dreams you could think about but never fully grasp in your hand. Well, writing on GameSkinny has shown that you can do what you once thought was impossible, while also getting more experience and working with amazing people. I’ve written more on here than I ever wrote in school, and I enjoy doing it every day. It’s become second nature for me to write, and I enjoy it.

Varying Assignments

One of the best things about the JTP would be the different types of assignments you come across. One day you could write a guide for that newly released game, a opinion piece, or a heart-stopping news article. The assignments are always changing, giving plenty of variety. Plus, you’re always welcome to write more when you feel up to it, and the editors will always give it a peek.

I couldn’t have asked for a better program for an aspiring Business major like myself – with a minor in Journalism thanks to this experience. It truly has changed my life. It may have opened up a whole new career path for my future, and I can say I wouldn’t mind it one bit.

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Courtney Gamache

An online college student studying Business Administration and International Business at SNHU. I play a lot of different games, but I prefer management ones, including Minecraft, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Borderlands, and Assassin's Creed.