One Hour of Starbound in Action – Yogscast at Insomnia Gaming Festival

A wild Starbound appeared! It used gameplay video! It's super effective!

A wild Starbound appeared! It used gameplay video! It's super effective!

Starbound may have fallen off your hype radar for now, but the hour-long video seen above (featuring Yogscast) may do something about that. If not, it will return around the time alpha is released. All of the features Chucklefish is packing into the game can promise you that.

The wait for alpha has been long and dull. The game more than reached its pre-order stretch goals months ago, and ever since thousands of potential planetary explorers have been waiting for Chucklefish toss the alpha out into the wild.

If somehow you thought the dozens of development update posts and screenshots were a bluff, the video posted above will quell that worry.

Starbound is obviously in more than a playable state in its current build, but the development team wants to put out a real polished alpha. One that, unlike those of some other developers sandbox fans follow, will have plenty of longevity on initial alpha release. Slow or not, it’s hard to complain.

Just a reminder: the good folks over at Chucklefish give development updates on a nearly daily basis. If you need a Starbound fix, the official site is to place to get it and bring back your confidence in the dev team.

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