Ooblets Might Actually Arrive This Year — Maybe

Ooblets, the life-sim Pokemon dance battle game, might be arriving in 2020 after all.

Ooblets, the life-sim Pokemon dance battle game, might be arriving in 2020 after all.
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Ooblets, which made our most-anticipated games of the year list three years in a row, might actually be coming out in 2020 according to its developers.

In a recent devlog, Glumberland (and what a name for a developer) hinted at the possibility of a release this year, though there was nothing official mentioned. 

I don’t want to get you excited, but ¡GET EXCITED! because 2020 is the YEAR OF THE OOB. It’s been foretold in the prophecies/milestone calendar. That’s really all I can say about that right now so feel free to draw all sorts of wild conclusions.

The devlog also outlines a new feature coming to the game called “Sea Dangling.” That’s Ooblet for fishing, but developer Glumberland assures players they “won’t be harming any animals.” Other additions include a badge-delivering ooblet, new animations, mystery can files, new moves, and new lore. 

More about the update can be found here.

We can only keep our fingers crossed that this tease actually comes to fruition this year, and that we don’t have to wait another three years for the game’s final release. 

The E3 2018 Ooblets trailer, seen above, comes off as a really trippy fever dream at first but quickly develops into a mishmash of colors and Katamari-Damacy vibes. As we showcased before, that’s about what it is. Instead of Ooblet battling, however, players will face off in tense Ooblet dance battles.

We’ll have more information if and when Ooblets releases this year. Saty tuned for more updates on the game’s development. 

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