Origin and Steam Getting DDOSed

DERP has done it again and took down Origin server, while two new DDOSers attacked Steam and Battle.net
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Two of the biggest online stores have supposedly been DDoS’ed in the last few hours; I’m talking about EA’s Origin and Valve’s Steam.

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When it comes to Origin, the group that went all against the live-streamer PhantomL0rd, DERP took responsibility for through its Twitter account.

This group during, its encounter with PhantomL0rd, DDoS’ed the game servers of Riot, DotA 2, Club Penguin, and Battle.net, breaking them down and rendering them unusable for gamers all around the globe.

After a couple of hours offline, EA was able to bring the servers back online, as they mentioned in their Twitter account:

On the other hand, Steam was suffering the same situation, but this time it wasn’t DERP’s fault–two individuals by the Twitter usernames of chFtheCat and LARCENY_ seem to have done it as a gesture against DERP…

The attack to Steam authentication server and storefront kept the services down for about an hour, after which it went back online with short periods of outages.

Ever since the incident, Valve hasn’t given any word about this matter.

After both Origin and Steam went back online, chFtheCat and LARCENY_, who seem to work together on every attack, claimed an attack against Battle.net.

However, no downtime has been reported for this server.

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