Outlast: First Impressions

Got to play the first 90 minutes of Outlast and let me tell you, it scared the crap out of me.

Got to play the first 90 minutes of Outlast and let me tell you, it scared the crap out of me.

Outlast is a new horror IP from the studio Red Barrels which itself is a new company made up of former Ubisoft employees as well as other talented souls that wanted to build a high quality, scare riddled game from the ground up.  Let me gush a little and say that they’ve done a pretty good job so far!

So far I have found dead bodies hung from the ceilings, been thrown through a window, started a generator while being stalked, got drugged and then woke to find myself deep in the asylum as a “new patient.”  


Honestly this game is a ton of fun so far.  The atmosphere is very tense and nerve-racking, the visuals are well done and the audio goes a long way in helping build up those scary moments.

Only thing that has bothered me thus far was one of the enemies AI and some slight unresponsiveness from the controls.

These things are forgivable with the simply amazing camera effects with the night vision.  It is so close to looking like the real thing it is almost scary.  The odd green glow and how it only sees a few feet in front of you, and the creepy glow the eyes give off.  I can’t stress how good it looks but you can see for yourself in the video I provided.

This game can easily be compared to Amnesia: The Dark Decent, which is not unwarranted but it does feel different.  

You are not consistently hunted but there are situations which a predator will be hunting you down.  The asylum does have many patients that are disturbed and even mutilated to a point of barely looking human any longer.  You feel bad for them, and some of the patients you just want to help.

Overall, the game is leaving me with a good impression.  I will continue on and play some more for the review hopefully done by the end of the week.  More videos are to come!

Please excuse some audio inadequacies.

This was my first time streaming a game and I was a little on the quiet side.  I will try to have that fixed by next time.

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