OUYA Console Game Jam Helps Recruit Indie Developers

A 10-day 'game jam' competition held by arts and culture site Kill Screen attracts over 150 indie developers to the guerilla console platform, the Kickstarted OUYA, planned to "open up" gaming on the home TV for $99.
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As previously covered by GameSkinny, the OUYA is a new console, born of a Kickstarter campaign. The OUYA represents the intriguing collision of economy ($99!) and style, uniting the open technology of PCs, the user-friendliness of consoles and a distinctly underground vibe, as exemplified by the OUYA’s affiliation with champions of digital culture, Kill Screen.

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The OUYA should prove to be an interesting entry into the console market, as OUYA creator Julie Uhrman says, they are “trying to disrupt an established industry”.

The popularity of the Wii and smartphone gaming has proven that bleeding edge technology is not necessary to deliver a good gaming experience and with the indie developer market  thriving on the PC, the final frontier for indie games is the living room TV. As Kill Screen puts it:

“The television — that hearth of sight and sound — is still a closed gaming platform.

OUYA is designed to open the television, once and for all. OUYA, based on Android and priced at $99, is open to any developer, inexpensive enough for any player, and powerful enough to play great games in HD. OUYA is for everyone — gamers, creators, hackers, and dreamers.”

Kill Screen launched its CREATE game jam, encouraging indie developers to produce a game for the OUYA in just 10 days, the result was over 150 titles with finalists to be announced on February 11th with the judging panel to include Felicia Day.

Here’s some screenshots of a fraction of the titles from the CREATE game jam (click the screenshots to see the videos).

Visit the Kill Screen site to to view them all.

SteamPunk Showdown by Ameon WbGames3d:


Soliloquy of a Madman by Grant Moore:


Singularity Gear Squad by Green Juice Team:


Forts Warfare by Hotfix Development:


Duplicity by Taco Graveyard:


Knights of Cosmos by Ethan Redd


Pig Eat Ball by Mommy’s Best Games:


Mech Squad by Jacob Ensign:

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