Ouya Made a Commercial

Not that it is going to harm the sales.

Not that it is going to harm the sales.

Ouya posted a short commercial to their Youtube page on August 20th.  It was then pulled within that first day.

After watching it and trying to watch it later I was met with a “This Video is Private.” This means they had pulled it or just made it inaccessible to the public on their YouTube page.  Someone managed to re-upload it to their page so everyone can now experience it for themselves.

RANT Alert!

On top of this being pretty distasteful it really seems to be void of any real message.  They accuse the market of charging outrageous prices for games that cost millions to make and say it is the developers fault for not making a game perfect.

I take a lot of issue when people accuse others of providing poor quality services when they provide a very middling and uninspiring performance themselves.  They also took over $8 million from crowd sourcing and managed to create a console that has a terrible controller and hardware that is weaker then my phone. 

Annual games also occur because a crowd is willing to pay for that product again and again.  They want more of the same because that is what they are deriving enjoyment from. This is more than a mass majority of the Ouya owners can say.  Also, aren’t a great deal of the Ouya’s games just ports of phone games?  So it is not only more the same, but almost the EXACT SAME THING.

I guess the worst part is the actual message they are trying to send.  It is that you can try games for free on the Ouya before you buy them.  You know, like demos that are provided on all other game systems.  The thing though is that you still need to pay for those games to play them through.  I find it a very odd prospect because all the games provided on your system are of lower quality.  I also know most people are now using their Ouya as an emulation machine for old game consoles instead of playing most game provided on it.


Ouya, you are not helping your case.  Go home, you are drunk.

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