Over 500,000 n00bs Tune in to Live Stream of PurePwnage: Teh Movie

Twitch Stream of PurePwnage: Teh Movie Garners Over 500,000 Views

Twitch Stream of PurePwnage: Teh Movie Garners Over 500,000 Views

This past Saturday, a live Twitch stream of PurePwnage: Teh Movie reached a total of 518,269 views. The web series, which began in 2004, made a transition to the Canadian Showcase TV network in 2010, but only saw a brief life of 8 episodes. Many fans felt the TV series departed from the web show’s original style of content because of its need to reach a new, and wider demographic. The web series initially introduces the character of Jeremy, (teh_owner) who excels at owning noobs in video games of all genres. There are also his friends, FPS Doug and Dave, and Jeremy’s brother Kyle who films Jeremy’s life in a documentary fashion. Most gamers will recognize the character of FPS Doug from the famous “Boom Headshot” segment.

In 2012, Jarrett Cole (Jeremy) and Geoff Lapaire (Kyle) began asking their longtime fans for contributions towards a PurePwnage movie on Indiegogo. Throughout the development process, updates and podcasts kept fans informed about the movie’s schedule. On May 7th, the movie became available for rentals at $4.99, and purchasing for $14.99 on viemo.

Image from: wasder.net

Teh Movie centers on familiar characters in a new culture of MLG gaming, and prominently features MOBA tournaments of League of Legends. The movie also touches on how the primary characters have grown and changed since the years of the original web series, illustrating Jeremy as a gamer from a different era attempting to find his role as a gamer in present times.

Did you tune in on Saturday? Were you a fan of PurePwange during its web days? What expectations did you have for the movie, and were they met?

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