Overwatch 2 Announces Season 4 with New Hero Lifeweaver

Season 4 brings a new Battle Pass, new skins, new events and new Hero Lifeweaver.

Season 4 brings a new Battle Pass, new skins, new events and new Hero Lifeweaver.

Overwatch 2 has a new hero on the way in Season 4 with the inclusion of Lifeweaver. Announced today with a full roadmap, Season 4 is jam packed with goodies. Here’s all the details on Season 4 for Overwatch 2 launching April 11, 2023. 

Lifeweaver is the latest Hero to join the Overwatch 2 lineup. A support, he uses his love of nature and biolight technology to aid his companions with his Life Grip ability and Tree of Life ultimate. You can read about his full kit on the Overwatch 2 site.

Along with Lifeweaver comes a new game mode, B.O.B and Weave. He will be available day one of Season 4 via the new Space Opera Battle Pass, as well as training mode and in B.O.B and Weave for those that want to test him out first. A Lifeweaver challenge will reward you with his Epic Cassia skin for playing the new mode.

Aside from Lifeweaver, there is the new Space Opera Battle Pass with Premium and Ultimate tiers. New skins, including the Mythic Galactic Emperor Sigma skin, will be released.

May 9 brings the limited mode Starwatch to life along with a new Overwatch comic. Symmetra gets her own challenge where you can earn her Epic Gardener skin on May 23. May 25 allows you to try out the fan made map Talantis. 

More details are sure to be revealed on each challenge and limited time game mode as their release date comes closer. For other help in Overwatch 2, be sure to check out our game guides. 

Featured image via Blizzard Entertainment

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