Overwatch News From PAX East 2015

Overwatch Additions and a Beta Date

Overwatch Additions and a Beta Date

At PAX East this weekend, Blizzard announced two new characters for Overwatch (Zarya and McCree), a new payload map, and an estimated date of Fall 2015 for the beta.

At the Blizzard Panel at PAX East, Blizzard showed off two new characters for their newest IP.

McCree is a bounty hunter with a six-shooter that focuses more on dealing damage. He’s able to fire off his six-shooter rapidly, combat roll for movement, throw a flashbang to stagger enemies, and his ultimate allows him take aim and fire at every enemy in sight.

Zarya is a soldier from the Russian Defense Force who carries a particle cannon and acts more like a supporty-tank. She can fire a beam with her particle cannon or lob balls of energy, she can shield herself or allies, and power-up her cannon by blocking shots. With her ultimate she can lob a gravity bomb that will pull in and damage enemies.

The next map revealed for Overwatch is a payload map by the name of Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

Lastly, Blizzard also revealed that the Overwatch beta will begin this fall. The exact date has yet to be determined, but we at least have this as an estimate. Make sure to sign up for the beta if you have yet to.

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