Owlboy: One of the Indie PAX 10

This indie platformer, Owlboy, has a little something for everyone.

This indie platformer, Owlboy, has a little something for everyone.

Looking for a new adventure platformer to enter your life? Owlboy from D-Pad Studio may be just the ticket, one of the games selected at PAX 10 this year. 

You are Otus, the last of the Owls, a once renowned race that Otus must find a way to live up to. His village comes under attack by pirates, and he is thrust into the fray and discovers that things are not as they seem. You then must explore this vast world set in the sky and unravel the mysteries causing chaos. 

D-Pad Studios consists of several members, including art director and Owlboy creator Simon Stafnes Anderson, whose art can be found at his website and DeviantArt page. Owlboy’s art is discernible, cartoon-ish, and slightly reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker in 2D pixel form. Speaking of Owlboy’s visuals, the detail is meticulous and beautiful in the environments and characters; everything, including the monsters, have a unique, quirky flair sure to be appreciated.


Along with Anderson are designer Adrian Bauer, programmer Jo-Remi Madsen, and composer Jonathan Geer, whose music I’ve fallen in love with, but that might be his Romantic Comedy set on his site. I highly recommend listening to the soundtrack for Owlboy–it’ll get you excited for the realms you’ll experience in the game. 

D-Pad doesn’t end there. Aleksander Vinter is another great composer on board as well as programmer Henrik Stafnes Anderson. Julianne Royce also keeps everyone nourished and will be creating owl-oriented trinkets to sell at her Etsy shop, Papersouls, as Owlboy progresses.

Explore Owlboy’s screenshots and check it out at PAX Prime if you’re in the neighborhood from August 30th to September 2nd. 

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