Pac-Man 256 Released on Android and iOS

Crossy Road creators Hipster Whale partner up with Bandai Namco to bring back Pac-Man as an endlss runner for mobile.

It looks like Hipster Whale, the creators of the huge Frogger style hit Crossy Road haven’t been sitting around just raking in the money from their previous game. Bandai Namco had recruited them to bring back the old Pac-Man FeverThis is with the new release Pac-Man 256 for Android and iOS.

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The game works very similarly to Crossy Road. You are endlessly traveling upwards to get the highest score. Also, you can tell that the art style is influenced by Crossy Road with its isometric logos and overlay of the map. However, this is where the similarities end and the Pac-Man style takes over.

Much like any typical Pac-Man you are constantly avoiding ghosts while navigating through the endless maze to get the highest score you can. This time around there are power-ups that can change how the game plays, for instance you can get a laser to destroy ghosts instead of having to eat the pull to turn them blue.

The game is free, but with in-app purchases, but they aren’t forced upon you. You can play with the special power-ups you unlock and have a stamina gauge that has to refill over time or pay to get more “credits” to play. Alternatively, you can turn them off and play to your hearts content. You can get this game now on iTunes and Google Play.

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