Pachter Supports Watch Dogs Delay, Says Game Was in Trouble

Gamers were disappointed to hear about the Watch Dogs delay, but maybe it was necessary.

Gamers were disappointed to hear about the Watch Dogs delay, but maybe it was necessary.

When Ubisoft announced the Watch Dogs delay last year, gamers were a little miffed.

However, according to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, Ubisoft made the right decision. Even though the publisher’s stock took a big hit and everyone questioned the move, the analyst thinks it was absolutely necessary.

Speaking during the latest Bonus Round episode, Pachter said he “admired” Ubisoft for pushing back the anticipated title:

“Their stock got hammered. The management got criticized. And that franchise matters; it sounds really good. And if it doesn’t work, it’s a big waste of time and waste of money. So I’m hopeful that that six month delay makes that game great. But I think that was headed for disaster.”

If Pachter’s assessment is correct, it’s a darn good idea they delayed the game. There’s nothing worse than a hugely anticipated product that doesn’t deliver. Plus, given the time and energy expended on the title, failure would’ve meant bad things for Ubisoft.

Don’t worry, we’re patient

It’s not like we didn’t have enough games to play last year, right? It would’ve been nice to have Watch Dogs for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launches but hey, if it wasn’t ready, it wasn’t ready. I still remember when everyone freaked out about this delay. My only question was this: “If the game was rushed and you were disappointed, how much more pissed would you be right now?”

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