Palia Holiday 2023 Release Revealed at Nintendo Direct

Palia, the upcoming farming MMO, is coming this Holiday Season.

Palia farming RPG news
Image via Singularity 6

Revealed today at the Nintendo Direct, the charming world of Palia is coming to the Nintendo Switch for free Holiday Season 2023. The cozy, MMO adventure sim is guaranteed to delight fans of the farming RPG genre. The announcement included a gameplay trailer that offered a sneak peek at the idyllic world of Palia.

The gameplay shows off the many features of Palia, whether you’re a fan of exploration, decorating, mining, or fishing, this game has it all. While tending to crops is a core experience of farming games, the footage demonstrates cooking mini-games, hunting in the wild, and a preview of the mysteries you could uncover outside of the Village.

Additionally, as fans of the genre will know, it’s unique to see a farming RPG that’s also a massively multiplayer online game. Other multiplayer farming RPGs don’t offer what Palia promises — a sprawling open world that players can journey through together or solo, seamlessly.

If multiplayer isn’t your thing, you can focus on building relationships with the townsfolk, with romancing options. Palia’s world story is an evolving one, and players can expect storyline updates, quests, in-game events, and more, launching with support patches. Throughout your time playing, you can expect meaningful mainline and side quests that bring you closer to the characters you meet in Palia.

We can’t wait to see the release date locked in for Palia, so for now, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for an early holiday present. You can wishlist Singularity 6’s Palia on Nintendo’s e-shop here.

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