Palia Patch Notes for Update 0.166: Pets, Quests, and Lucky Coin Furniture Detailed

The latest patch brings new content along with a variety of bug fixes for Palia.

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The first big patch of open beta is here for Palia. While there has been multiple hotfixes and minor patches, patch 0.166 is the first of many updates to bring new content. Additional quests, pets, and Lucky Coin items have been added along with a slew of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Without further ado, here are the patch notes for update 0.166 in Palia.

Palia Update 0.166 Patch Notes


A new main storyline quest has been added. The Acceptance Ceremony begins after you complete Find Your Shepp, commemorating your hard work in becoming a citizen of Kilima Village. If you’ve already completed Find Your Shepp, you can pick this new quest up right away.

Along with the main story quest, new item quests were introduced. A quest will now trigger when picking up certain items in the wild. All the new quests have various start requirements, so it’s not as simple as it may initially seem. The total number of found item quests wasn’t revealed in the official patch notes, but you can be sure the community will have it figured out shortly.

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Lucky Coin Furniture

Lucky Coin drops got some new inventory with an exclusive set of furniture. The Valley Sunrise Set has four pieces that can only be obtained through Zeki’s Lucky Box.

  • Valley Sunrise Bed
  • Valley Sunrise Chandelier
  • Valley Sunrise Side Table
  • Valley Sunrise Vase


For those waiting to see if Pets will be added to the game, it’s finally happening. You can now get your very own Palcat through the premium store as a bonus when purchasing Palia Coins. They don’t do anything extra but look gosh darn cute.

Quality of Life Changes

Both Bahari Bay and Kilima Valley have had their hunting, forageables, and insect populations adjusted. Gone are the days of fields of Sundrop Lilies, but clay is far easier to source. Foraging EXP has been switched up, with less EXP gained when picking up items but double coming from chopping trees. Smoke Bombs now have an AoE radius, making it possible to catch multiple bugs with one bomb if they’re close enough to each other.

A big change I’m happy to see implemented is the inclusion of selling items at guild vendors. You’ll only be able to see guild-related items, such as cooked meals to Reth or fish to Einar, but this drastically improves inventory management and gold-earning potential. Now you don’t have to return to your house or go to Zeki’s to sell all your fish when you’d rather stay at the lake.

Bug Fixes

The Singularity 6 team received over 150 bug reports so far during the beta phase. While not all of them could be addressed in this patch, the list of known issues has been updated. Sadly, Jerry the Broom has been fixed, and he’ll be missed, but a new item beneath the tavern is ready to take his place.

For the full breakdown of update 0.166, you’ll want to read up on the patch notes on the website. I’m excited to get in game and see all the changes. For help with Palia, including finding tree seeds for Hassian’s Prove Your Devotion quest, check out our guide library.

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