Pangamea: It’s Like Tinder For Video Games

Panganea helps you find games for Android and iPhone with a fun visual twist.

It can often be difficult to find a new game to play on your Android device or iPhone. It’s not very frequent for the app stores to change what is the highest rated or most downloaded games are, which leaves you with a stagnant pool of games you have already made a decision on as to whether you want to give them the time to download them or not. Pangamea found a new way discover games to play and gave it a familiar twist.

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Pangamea is like Tinder, but instead of looking for people… you look for video games. When you load the app on your phone you are greeted with a card containing a video clip (or possibly a gif?) of a game’s gameplay and the title. You can then decide off this 5 seconds of footage if this game looks interesting to you and swipe the card to the right to save it, or swipe to the left to ignore it.

After just a few moments you will start to build a list of games that look interesting to you, and have links provided directly to the app store of your device to download them. It’s a very neat little app and definitely worth the download for those mobile gamers out there.

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