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First there was then and now has been cloned for desktop.

First there was then and now has been cloned for desktop.
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The hit mobile game took advantage of’s failure to create a compelling mobile version. And now can boast 20 million downloads from its Apple App and Google Play App, that feels like a pretty big market that missed out on.

Well, it seems that the community’s hunger goes well beyond the mobile app and now a private developer has cashed in on Voodoo’s lacking desktop version.

Queue the desktop version. Yep, a private developer has cloned And it seems as though the community has either not noticed they are playing a clone, or they just don’t care. With an audience of over 3 million monthly players this obvious clone is doing very well.

The game is pretty addictive so it is easy to see why both the mobile version and the desktop clone are commanding large audiences. But for those that have not played either game, or the game that started it all —, here is a quick breakdown of what all the fuss is about.

What is

You play as a small piece of paper roaming around and world littered with other players. You can freely move around leaving a trail behind you. Once you circle around and connect to the solid color at your starting point, all the land you have encircled is then claimed by you. Of course, there is more to it and a few nice game mechanics to really keep players interested. 

When another player is growing their area, you can ram their trail, thus killing them and their claimed land. This frees up that land to be claimed and grants you points for killing that player. They can return the favour and kill you in the same way, once they respawn and find you.


Players can also claim areas that have been claimed by another player.

The game has a massive following and now you can play it on your mobile and also on desktop — albeit through a cloned version.

Your Thoughts

As a clone of a very popular mobile app, do you think this new desktop version is as good as the mobile app?

Should Voodoo have made their own desktop version? Let us know in the comments below!

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