Paradox And Microsoft Offer Players Modding Platform On PC And Xbox One

Paradox and Microsoft team up to offer an all-in-one modding solution across PC and Xbox One.

Paradox and Microsoft team up to offer an all-in-one modding solution across PC and Xbox One.

Paradox Interactive and Microsoft announced a surprising new joint project today, titled Paradox Mods. Billed as “the first-ever open modding platform that enables distribution of user-created game modifications (mods) across multiple platforms”, Paradox Mods is a free offering on both Xbox One and PC.

The platform utilizes GoG and the Paradox launcher to allow players to easily upload their mods on both PC and the Microsoft console, creating the first direct way for modders to share on a console. Modders simply upload their creation one time via the in-game or web interface and it’s available across both platforms.

To get things rolling, Paradox Mods is already available as part of a free update to Paradox Interactive’s survival-strategy game Surviving Mars. It already includes over 30 mods all tested on console. Fans of the modding scene will recognize the names of several creators whose mods are included in this update, including Silva and ChoGGi.

The 30 pre-selected mods also provide players with both useful and fun options, ranging from self-sufficient greenhouses to Martian car washes. All players need to do to access these mods is to log into their Paradox account from Surviving Mars and open the “Mod Manager” located at the bottom of the screen.

From there, players can simply select the mods they’re interested in and the game will automatically download and install them.

The update also includes mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox One version of Surviving Mars, offering players another way to experience the game.

Players who want to check out the mods that are available can find them on Paradox’s site. Keep in mind that the site lists all mods and not just those that are available on console.

Paradox Mods support will come to other games at a later time.

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