Paradox Interactive Announces New RPG RuneMaster

New RPG from Paradox Interactive coming soon!
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Paradox Interactive, responsible for many of what they have termed “Grand Strategy Games,” has released an announcement teaser trailer for their upcoming title RuneMaster.

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RuneMaster is a game played in the fantasy realm based on the history of Norse mythology. The trailer directs you to more information on their website,, where you can sign up for updates as more news becomes available.

Taking a look at Paradox’s main website, they offer a little more information about what to look forward to in the role-playing game. 

  • Vast vistas to explore: Wander the six worlds of Norse myth, from the lofty forests of Midgard to the fires of Muspelheim. Each time you start a new campaign, the world is procedurally generated to ensure each adventure is a venture into the exciting and unknown.
  • Rich tactical combat: Recruit and command an expansive range of units with unique abilities. Learn to use your troops – and the terrain of the battlefield – to crush your enemies.
  • Emergent storytelling: Who you are and the choices you make have a direct impact on the journeys you embark on. The game’s procedural quest system will take note of your deeds and challenge you accordingly. No two playthroughs will ever be the same.

They included on their site a release date of winter 2014 and have yet to release the system requirements for RuneMaster. Like most of Paradox Interactive published games it will be available for PC.

There will be more updates as the studio releases more information. 

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