Epic Games is locked in a legal battle over a suite of hacks created for their MOBA, Paragon.

Paragon Creator Epic Games Sues Hacker

Epic Games is locked in a legal battle over a suite of hacks created for their MOBA, Paragon.

Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Robin Kreibich for creating and selling a hack for their MOBA game Paragon. The hacker created a suite of hacks — which included an aimbot, triggerbot, 2D radar, and 3D radar. He then began selling the hack online for a monthly subscription fee on System Cheats.

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When he advertised for the cheat, Kreibich described it as follows:

“The world’s most powerful hack for Paragon. Our aimbot gives you full control over the game. Our hack is fully customizable for all your hacking needs…You don’t have to worry about any anti-cheat either since our cheat is fully undetected!”

Kreibich also posted videos on YouTube where he demonstrated the hack in pursuit of free advertisement.

Earlier this month, Epic Games asked YouTube to take down the videos due to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. YouTube took the videos down in response. But on June 8, Kreibich filed “counter-notifications” for his videos. On June 16, Epic Games decided to take legal action and filed a lawsuit. While Epic Games hasn’t demanded money from Robert Kreibich yet, they have asked for a trial with a jury.

Epic Games filed the lawsuit against Kreibich on grounds for copyright infringement, contributory copyright infringement, breach of contract, and California unfair competition. They hope to seek injunctive relief and damages.

Paragon is an online arena battle game where teams try to destroy each other’s bases. In March of this year, Epic allowed players to get an early access program of the multiplayer online battle arena game — which is how Kreibich was able to make his hacks in the first place. Epic was planning on doing an open beta release later this year, before Kreibich came along. There is no word yet on whether that is still happening, or if this development has made Epic wary of an open beta just yet.

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