Parents Who Play World of Warcraft Taking It Too Far.

World of Warcraft couple put in jail for child abuse!

World of Warcraft couple put in jail for child abuse!

If things aren’t already bad enough in the gaming community when it comes to people neglecting their children along with other things, listen to this! A World of Warcraft  couple from southern California decided it would be a good idea to tell their two kids that they are not allowed to go outside period, not even to go to school! Trapped in the couples mobile home in a completely unsanitary environment, including mold, trash, cobwebs, and even feces. “The two girls were found to be malnourished, with matted hair, rotten teeth and encrusted dirt on their feet.” an absolutely horrible way to live.

Being a father and a child at heart, loving video games as much as I do, I don’t understand how someone could do this to someone they are caring for.  The names of the couple are Lester Huffmire, who is being held on a bail of $100,000 and Petra Huffmire who is in the process of getting the same bail amount. If convicted of child abuse they both could see up to seven years in prison.

drug use

The biggest issue on the table right now, does World of Warcraft and other games negatively affect how people live? Almost like a drug addiction, which to me does not make sense at all. How can someone be so absorbed into one specific thing that they neglect their whole life just to do it. Yes, I understand that this happens every day, along with other things, like alcohol or drugs, but this is more a choice than a need or urge. They made the choice to ignore the life that was going on around them and should be punished for doing so.

All in all I can’t blame a video game for the choices that I make as a father, or as a person.  I don’t think video games negatively affect a persons life. I think people just take some stuff way too far.

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