Pathfinder Adventures Gets a Massive New Update

The huge new patch comes with a new adventure deck that brings us the next chapter in the Rise of the Rune Lords campaign.

The huge new patch comes with a new adventure deck that brings us the next chapter in the Rise of the Rune Lords campaign.
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Pathfinder Adventures released for IOS and Android earlier this year and got off to a rough start. The game was so plagued with bugs, one might think the developer had hired the Chaos god, Nurgle to program the game.

Fortunately for us the folks at Obsidian have been patch happy campers of late. Following on the heels of a large patch that fixed many of the game’s worst flaws; Obsidian has released another, even bigger patch and this one comes with a content update as well. Is it Christmas already? 

Despite it’s bumpy start Pathfinder Adventures has become one of the most beloved mobile games of the year. It is a fairly simple game that relies on cards and dice to carry the player through the well written story. This complete dependence on luck could be debated one way or the other. It definitely makes for some frustrating moments, but also some moments of pure, jump-up-and-down, fist pumping, self aggrandizing moments that keep you coming back for more.

The new patch, 1.0.3, brings a whole slew of fixes and polish for the game as well as a new adventure deck, Hook Mountain Massacre. Not only does this advance the storyline into the next chapter, it also adds new weapons, spells, items and loot; five new scenarios; four new locations; four new maps; and over forty new characters, villains, and henchmen.

But, wait that’s not all… The patch’s major selling point is the promise of a new game mechanic that allows your character to choose a specialty role as a reward for completing the final scenario of the new adventure deck. Each character will have two choices of specialties that will add new powers and abilities. Presumably these will come in handy for the next chapter in the Pathfinder Adventures saga.

Check out the Pathfinder Adventures 1.0.3 patch notes for the full skinny.

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