PAX East and LoL

First sight upon entering PAX is the massive crowd at 10:30am for League of Legends (Left).

First sight upon entering PAX is the massive crowd at 10:30am for League of Legends (Left).

I entered PAX East for the first time ever and was greeted with an abundant amount of virgin, B.O. and League of Legends fanboys.

Got your attention? Good. Shock value usually does that.

It’s Clear that Riot Runs this Town

The moment you pass the threshold at the top of the escalator, you see a massive sign with great artwork. The second thing you notice, is that there is such a throng of fans for this one game. The huge crowd varied in age and size, but was the most motivated group I have ever seen since Blizzcon (I’ve been to one….. Well, technically I was, I watched it on live stream…. Don’t you dare judge me!)

I had not even descended to the floor yet and there was this deafening roar from their section. I don’t want to lump this into a preset category, actually I’ve heard MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and RTS (Real Time Strategy) and TTBRPG (Tactical Team Based Role Playing Game). I personally had my interest pique when I heard tactical, seeing as I have a military background.

Uttering Blasphemy at the LoL Booth

I made the wrong move of saying that I had never even thought of playing it….ever. I got “the three heads” look from anyone within earshot. I was given so much information about it that my head started to spin. I did hear that you can really enjoy it without investing real money. 

A gentleman I spoke to said he even was able to hold out for quite some time before spending money. He proceeded to go on to tell me that he has now invested almost $400 dollars into the game. I can’t judge him, I have tossed so much money at another big title, World of Warcraft.

Okay, Okay… I’ll Give it a Shot

I felt that after seeing the love, admiration and support for League of Legends, that I should at least give it a try. After all, it’s free to play… I bet I spend money within the first 2 weeks. I’ll be trying it here in a week or so, I’ll try to post my personal view on this game.

Talk to you soon,


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