Payday 2 and Battlefield Developers Team Up to Work on New RPG

Battlefield and Payday 2 Dev Team Up

Battlefield and Payday 2 Dev Team Up

Payday 2 Game Director David Goldfarb announced recently on Twitter that he was going to start a new indie studio, called The Outsiders, with a colleague of his: former Battlefield Executive Producer Ben Cousins.

Goldfarb says that their first project will be his “first real stab” at RPGs and that they’re aiming for a mid-tier game, not quite AAA and not quite ‘indie’ since there’s a market for mid-tier games like those from Paradox Interactive.

There isn’t that much information out about the studio or the game they will be working on, but they do have a website. The website is pretty much barebones at the moment only really having links to their Twitters as well as a flyer-like image for the studio.

More news about their studio and about their game will probably come out as the two get started.

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