Payday 2 at 75% off on Steam, with a free week to try the game

Payday 2 is on sale at 75% off, and free to play for 10 days on Steam

Payday 2 is on sale at 75% off, and free to play for 10 days on Steam
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Steam is offering yet another good game at a steep discount, and this time it’s also adding a 10-day free pass to play it beforehand. Payday 2 is a four-person co-op shooter with a twist; you play as a professional strong-arm robber, ranging from small convenient store heists to multi-million Dollar bank jobs. The game is the follow up to the critically claimed Payday: The Heist


Payday 2 is on offer at 75% off for just $4.99 (£3.74), with the Game of the Year edition, which includes most of the major DLCs, sitting at $12.49 (£7.49). All other DLCs are also on offer, sitting $1 to $3 each, with quite a few of them going completely free.

With really cool and unique heists, like the Hotxon Breakout Heist or the Goat Simulator Heist (yes, you read that correctly!), the game always has something new to offer. Each heist is different, with dynamic placement of important items such as security cameras, vaults and civilians. You also get the ability to “case the joint” before a heist in civilian gear, making for a very realistic experience overall. Finally, Crimenet, the game’s internal match-making system, pairs you up with other potential robbers when you aren’t able to bring your off-screen friends into the Payday world.

Whatever your particular interests are, you should probably check the free pass of the game, which only costs you the 12.5 GB of space it takes to store it, before it ends on March 31st. Check out the Payday 2 sale page here.

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