A look at the ten day event Crimefest and what players were rewarded with.

Payday 2 Crimefest 2015 overview

A look at the ten day event Crimefest and what players were rewarded with.

Crimefest is a ten-day event that rewards Payday 2 players for all their work during the beginning of October. Every day, during the ten-day event, players are rewarded with various things: new masks, new jobs, new weapons, and even new characters.

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Last year, player’s were rewarded with new masks, John Wick and Hoxton as playable characters, and new jobs. Also included was the biggest and best item of all: the Hoxton Breakout mission where players broke Hoxton out of jail. Comparatively, this year was very underwhelming.

Day One

Players were greeted on day one of Crimefest with microtransactions, which later was reversed thanks to the community freaking out.

Day Two

Players were given 4 new masks: Sputnik, a Tiara, a Russian Hat, Vlad’s Armor (looks like a welding mask), and the Baba Yaga mask.

Baba Yaga Mask

Day Three

A new job called Aftershock was introduced via a video. The job takes place in the ruins of a city after an earthquake. Players must locate armored trucks, drill into the back of them and steal the safes inside.

Day Four

Players can now be traded out of custody by the AI teammates. In Payday when a player dies, they go into custody and must wait until a break to be traded for a hostage. Players who play with the in game AI used to be out of luck if they died and would have to start the job all over again. Now they can be traded as long as they took a hostage before going into custody. Players were also given the ability to filter Crime.net based on the mission tactics of stealth of guns blazing.

Day Five

Players were gifted with the addition of the gun the KSP5B a large machine gun. Players were also given the ability to add a bipod to the bottom of any LMG in the game.

Day Six

OVERKILL announced that they added the job First World Bank to Payday 2; this excited a lot of fans because the job was a favorite of fans of the first Payday. Payday 2 also added the “Classics” tab to the game, leading others to believe that most is not all of the missions of Payday will be coming to Payday 2. OVERKILL also reversed the microtransactions and added Drills as a card drop that players could not earn rather than pay real money for.

Day Seven

Players can now choose up to four of their favorite characters to play as. So, if you join a game and Dallas is already being played by someone else, you get to play as your second choice rather than be given a random character. Players were also given a new mask to mark OVERKILL’s collaboration with Le Castle Vania, who made music for the movie John Wick. Le Castle Vania created three songs just for Payday 2, Use of Force, Fully Loaded Epic Win and Infinite Ammo.

Day Eight

Players are given four new masks, a Pirate, Eggian, Fatboy and Oliver these masks are all based on movies or famous things. For example, Oliver looks like the face of the man on the Oscar award. Players were also told that a new SWAT turret van has been added to the game. The van packs a punch, is hard to take down, and doesn’t let any players get close to it. The van is also in select missions as well.

Fatboy Mask

Day Nine 

The job Slaughter House from Payday has also been added to Payday 2 which makes it the second mission from the original game to come to Payday 2. Two more masks were also given, Tinted Love (Heart shaped sunglasses) and Perfect Disguise AKA Groucho glasses.

And finally Day Ten

This was supposed to be the big day, the one Payday 2 fans have been looking forward to all week. Last year players were given the Hoxton Breakout Job which is one of the best and most played missions in the game. But this year’s day ten was very underwhelming, players were given four more masks and another kind of safe to drill for another gun skin. All the masks are based on memes, The Baitface, No Me Gusta, Rageface and Dawg. The order the masks were released leads people to believe that this isn’t all OVERKILL has in store for day ten. 

Rageface Mask

Overall, this year’s Crimefest was just ok; aside from the three new jobs, everything else was pretty forgettable. The masks were a cool addition, but nothing really had that wow-factor players were given last year. Hopefully, OVERKILL still has something in store for players by the end of the day but we will have to wait and see.

Update – 10/25/15 OVERKILL has not done anything more for Crinefest. The head of OVERKILL, Almir Listo, did an AMA (Ask me anything) on Reddit but he didn’t answer any important questions and disappointed many fans with weak responses. 

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Rageface Mask

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