Who knew stationery could be so deadly?

Payday 2 Players Are Losing Their Minds Over a Pencil

Who knew stationery could be so deadly?

Fans of the co-op shooter Payday 2 are currently up in arms over finding a rare pencil.

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As part of their 10 day “Search for Kento event“, Overkill Software added a pencil as a melee weapon in the game. Dubbed “The Pen”, this item is most likely a reference to the John Wick movie series which Overkill recently collaborated with in a crossover DLC. The weapon is only available via Steam codes given by the developer, and many players are currently upset about not being able to grab a code.

A thread with over 3,000 comments giving away keys was bumped to the top of the Payday 2 Steam forums. But despite the apparent abundance of codes, many people are still venting their anger — with the main problem being that keys were seized too soon after being posted. Here are some of the comments we found from upset users:

“Aaaaaand too many activation attempts. This is ridiculous.” — Le Démon

“I hate this method for ‘exclusive’ items. Did we learn nothing from making the party hat website, it allowed everyone to get one. Here we are again.” — Dr. Dudeihateyou

Some users have even blamed the quick response on bot accounts, with user Vanilla saying, “GG BOTS”.

I tried getting a code for myself but was never quick enough to beat the rush. It seems from how limited these codes are — and the fact that it is just a reskin of a weapon already existing within the game — the pencil will soon become another rare collector’s item for Payday 2.

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