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A gameplay video shows us a bit more of how stealth can work in Payday 2!
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The Biggest Payday Yet.

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Ok, so, I tend to gush when it comes to Payday. And I’m not just talking about that money you get every two weeks. It’s one of my favorite PC games, and I started playing it about a year ago. Like Left 4 Dead, Payday revolves around four-player Co-op to complete objects, fight off waves of cops, and rob somebody blind. Pretty good stuff, and I have a lot of friends who play it too.

Overkill Software has been releasing little snippets of gameplay recently, and I’ve been getting super super excited over a lot of the features. A huge change to the class and level system is probably the most prominent. Instead of just having classes be defined what weapons and equipment you get. In Payday 2, a players class can grant them abilities. The coolest two I’ve heard do far is either the The Ghost, who’s all about stealth, picking locks, and disabling security, or The Mastermind. I’ve only heard one awesome perk behind the mastermind so far, but I’m pretty sure it’s ok for me to get excited about having civilians help you up if you get downed.

The other really interesting thing I found out about is the sweet, sweet PAYDAY! Heists in Payday 2 will be broken up into different parts. Planning, execution, and getaway. If players stick around, and complete all the parts in a mission, they are entitled to a Payday, which will grant them special drops. These can include things, from what I’ve heard, like Mask pieces, weapons and weapon upgrades, cosmetics, and so on.

Back to leveling. In the original Payday, players could max out every class and unlock every weapon and piece of equipment. Overkill has said that now, players can only max a tree in one class, and can then dabble for low tier gear and abilities from one other. And they want respecs to hurt your in game pocketbook just enough so that you won’t do them too often. This means players will be able to craft a much more defined role for themselves during a heist, giving them special strengths and aptitudes to set them apart.

Payday 2 is set for a summer release of this year, and I can guarantee you that I will be pre-ordering this game. I loved so much about the first Payday. From the music, the core gameplay, the characters, and the variety of missions. And Payday 2 looks to be that and more. I’ll be bringing you whatever updates I can on the game as they come out. Here’s looking forward to a bit more info on the classes!

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