Perception offers new gameplay trailer as it nears Kickstarter goal

With a few days left on their Kickstarter campaign, The Deep End Games releases a new gameplay trailer for Perception.

With a few days left on their Kickstarter campaign, The Deep End Games releases a new gameplay trailer for Perception.
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With a recent press release following our interview last month, The Deep End Games, a team made up of developers who have worked on BioShock and Dead Space, have just put up a new trailer for the game PerceptionThe project is still on Kickstarter now, and they are less than $6,000 away from their $150,000 goal. If the company reaches up to $250,000, they pledged to donate $25,000 to the World Access for Blind Fund

The game is a first-person narrative that tells the story through a witty, blind girl named Cassie. As Cassie goes to Gloucester, Massachusetts to investigate the mansion that haunts her dreams, she uses her incredible hearing skills and smarts to not only overcome the demons inside, but also unravel the urban mystery of Echo Bluff.

Gameplay involves the player utilizing an echolocation type ability as the only time you can see what is around you is when Cassie taps her cane. If the player does not make any noise, they will be shrouded by the darkness that thrives in the mansion.

The Deep End Games also plans to have low-end vision support available in the game as they work towards their goal making it also available to the blind as well. 

 “We need representation of all different types of people and we felt that it made sense to not only try and create awareness, but also try and make our game as inclusive as we can for all players and pay it forward if we’re successful.

As Perception is nearing the end of its Kickstarter campaign and as it moves closer to its overall goal with help from its fans, it is planned for a release on Steam in 2016. With enough support, digital copies will be available for both the Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4.

Lead Producer and Writer Amanda Gardner implores that, with the end of E3, it’s time to take a break from the big blockbuster action heroes, and bring our attention back onto something more grounded.

After millions of dollars being spent and big games rocking it at shows like E3, it’s time to turn attention to the fact that we need protagonists who are differently abled.

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