Phasmophobia Early Access Console Release Lurks Just Around the Corner

Phasmophobia is finally heading to consoles with an early access phase.

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Get ready to get spooked while playing on console. Phasmophobia, the ghost hunting horror co-op from Kinetic Games, is releasing on consoles during early access. Announced in the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, early access will begin sometimes in August 2023.

Originally released in Early Access on Steam in 2020, Phasmophobia is an up to four-person online co-op game where you investigate haunted locations in an effort to identify the entity scaring people. Known for defining the first-person ghost hunter genre of horror games, it’s dominated in scaring players, even during the day. It’s me, I am one of those players.

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Armed with an assortment of paranormal investigation equipment, including a Spirit Box, UV Flashlight, and even a Crucifix, you can explore 10 locations and try to identify your haunter from 24 different types of entities. If you’re good, you’ll make a correct identification and leave safely in your vehicle. Otherwise, it’s bye-bye time for you.

For those that’ve been waiting and waiting for Phasmophobia to come to console, the time is nigh. You’ll join the ranks of other investigators who get scared, get killed, earn trophies, and more as soon as Early Access becomes available. You’ll be able to play with friends or join teams in online co-op that’s cross-platform.

The specific launch day in August wasn’t included in the announcement, nor where there any specific consoles mentioned. It’s safe to say that it’ll be on the Xbox Series X|S since the trailer was dropped at the showcase.

If you’re looking to impress your friends and ace all investigations, take a look at our Phasmophobia guide hub. Learn how to use various pieces of equipment, how to spot ghost orbs, and more. When early access comes, you’ll be prepared to face down any entity the game has to offer.

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