Pikachu 3DS XL on Sale at Target on Release Week

This much cute doesn't come cheap. Or does it?
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That Pikachu 3DS XL model is cute, isn’t it? Would you say it’s $199.99 worth of adorable, or perhaps $159.99 worth of adorable? Whether you want this 3DS XL model in particular or another, less Pokemon-inspired model, you’re in luck: Target is putting all of its 3DS and 3DS XL models on sale from March 24 to 30.

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A sale announcement immediately after the Pikachu model was revealed to be coming our way seems quick, but who would really complain about saving money? Especially saving money so close to the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on March 19.

Target is also offering the standard 3DS models for $129.99 during the duration of the sale, for those of you really looking for a brand new 3DS on the cheap. Nothing like saving money!

While I would much rather have the limited Japanese Shin Megami Tensei 4 model over Pikachu, the console’s region locking and the lack of a North American release make that a pretty nonviable option. Pikachu will have to do, for now.

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