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Pikmin 4 Demo Announced at Nintendo Direct

Pikmin 4 is getting a free demo Friday June 28, but that's not all.

Pikmin 4 is only a month from its July 21 release, and Nintendo dazzled us with news of a demo today at the Nintendo Direct. The upcoming free demo will be released next week on Friday, June 28. That’s not all though, the Nintendo Direct featured an in-depth walkthrough of the new gameplay.

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While previous Pikmin games have you take on the role of Captain Olimar, Pikmin 4 puts you in the captain’s seat. The gameplay trailer shows off a custom Explorer plucking and gathering troops of Pikmin to accomplish tasks, so we can’t wait to try out the character customization in next week’s demo!

Additionally, the gameplay footage showed off the new nighttime exclusive Pikmin — Glow Pikmin. The world of Pikmin is full of mysteries and puzzles, and the new Glow Pikmin will allow you to explore at night for the very first time! Be careful though, because there will be frenzied creatures at night.

The excitement didn’t stop there — Nintendo surprised fans during the Direct by uniting all of the Pikmin franchise on the Nintendo Switch with the announcement of the classic GameCube Pikmin 1 and 2 remastered. The Pikmin 1+2 bundle arrived on the Nintendo Switch E-Shop today, and you can get them on the Nintendo e-shop here for $49.99.

The availability of previous editions gives new and returning players the opportunity to explore Pikmin 1, 2, and 3 on the Nintendo Switch leading up to the release of Pikmin 4. However, the developers over at Nintendo stated that the Pikmin 4 demo can be enjoyed “even if you’ve never played a Pikmin game before”.

Pikmin 4 releases on July 21, 2023, and is now available for pre-order on the Nintendo e-shop for $59.99 here. You can choose between a digital, or physical copy for the same price. However, the demo doesn’t require any purchase, and will be available for free June 28.

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