Pink 3DS XL Available in the US Once Again

Pink and White 3DS XL has made a return to the states from its previously "limited edition" run.

It seems like just yesterday the Gameboy Pocket was announced and I was wetting my shorts in excitement over it. Now today’s kids go crazy for their extra large, three dimensional, double screen portable game systems. Wait a second. Is that 3DSXL pink and white? I think I need a change.

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Nintendo is no stranger to creating new versions of their handhelds. There was the DS, DS Lite, DS XL, DSi, and everyone’s favorite: the Super DSi Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. It’s a bit annoying that your handheld becomes outdated every month. At the very least, though, you can say that they know how to make their designs look stylish.

Prior to its re-release, the pink and white Nintendo 3DS XL was only available for a limited time from an online retailer called Gilt, followed by a limited run for the holidays available from other sources.

Nintendo announced on their Facebook that it will become available this week. From previous pricing estimates, you can expect this to run you about $200. Despite its steep price, the large screen and stylish trim definitely makes the purchase seem worth it.

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