Pixel Press lowers stretch goal to entice Android users

Pixel Press app now open to opening up Android functionality.

Pixel Press app now open to opening up Android functionality.

 Pixel Press, the video game creation Kickstarter, has now lowered its stretch goals to take into account Android users. Previously the app was going to be just for IOS users, with a very high ($350K stretch goal compared to the $100K base goal) stretch goal that would need to be attained before Android users saw a fully developed App. As Robin Rath put it, “Pixel Press is a platform for a broad audience, and needs to be flexible.”

If you haven’t already heard of it, Pixel Press is a phone and tablet application that allows users to create and play their own video game levels. The project is currently in the funding stage at Kickstarter and will be for the next month or so.

The new Pixel Press stretch goals are as follows:

  • $100K – Pixel Press for iOS by December 2013, Android by June 2014.
  • $125K – Pixel Press for iOS and Android by December 2013.
  • $150K – Ouya support, as well as upload your own graphics, music, sound effects and alter player physics.
  • $175K – Big- Square model for younger children.
  • $200K – More complex elements like enemies, bosses, more moving platforms, etc.

If you’re interested in the application, Pixel Press creator Robin Rath will be discussing it all day on Reddit Android subreddit, link here

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