Now you can battle your friends for world domination or in this case plague domination.

Plague Inc. Evolved Gets Multiplayer

Now you can battle your friends for world domination or in this case plague domination.
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We all like to watch the world burn, at least in video games. Plague Inc. Evolved allows us to do that by watching the numbers of the world’s population drop because of a disease we created. Lets admit it though, games are much better when you get to play them with friends. Ndemic James published a news post on Steam that Plague Inc. Evolved will be getting a multiplayer mode.

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Now, as much as gamers love to play co-op with their friends this game won’t be like that. The multiplayer feature will actually pit players and friends against each other in a battle for world domination. It will be 1v1 battle where you will want to infect the whole world before the other player does. As you fight against your enemy you must battle against the cure as well. Just like you would in a single player game.

Along with the difficulty of battling another player, you will need to watch what the game is doing. There could be an unscheduled flight that sends a plane full of your or your enemies plague to a far off country. Sometimes the immune systems of the people will go into shock, rapidly killing millions. There is also a chance that genetic exposure could help develop a cure against you or your opponent.

There are a lot of new problems that players will need to watch for if they want to win.

Ndemic hasn’t released all the details on this new mode yet, so be sure to keep watch as more features are unveiled and a release date is set.

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