You can now infect the world against a buddy.

Plague Inc. Evolved launches competitive multiplayer

You can now infect the world against a buddy.
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Plague Inc. Evolved just released a feature that fans have been waiting a long time for, competitive multiplayer. The new mode allows two players to battle for supremacy as the ultimate plague. The game is currently one of the highest user rated games on Steam (94% positive ratings) and Developer Ndemic is promising even more new modes will come in the future. 

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Creator James Vaughn detailed the new additions to the game in an announcement on the game’s Steam page and they are as follows.

  • Unscheduled flight sends a plane full of infected people to a far off country
  • Immune shock overloads the immune system of people infected with both diseases – rapidly killing millions
  • Genetic Exposure mechanic lets you help humans develop a cure against your opponent.
  • 5 new achievements
  • Korean language added
  • New City Cam images
  • Minor tweaks/fixes to the core game and Scenario Creator

For a full list of the game’s changes, you can head over to their forum here.

Plague Inc. Evolved is a high strategy and simulation game where players create a worldwide epidemic starting from simple bacteria that grows and evolves over the course of the game.  You can customize your disease with various traits that eventually turn your creation into a deadly pathogen with the goal of wiping out everyone on the planet before it can be cured.

Plague Inc. started off as simply as a single player only experience on iOS devices back in 2012 before gradually making its way to Steam as an Early Access title and adding the moniker Evolved

Quick Take: Plague Inc. is a game I’ve had my eye on for sometime, but haven’t jumped into quite yet. I enjoy taking in a good strategy game every once in a while, but I’ve always felt that the genre was best played with (or against) friends. Now Ndemic has added the feature that’s kept me, and probably many others on the sidelines for some time. Given that the game has been supported and evolved (no pun intended) over the last few years, Plague Inc. Evolved is definitely one of the safer (and cheaper) bets on the Early Access market.

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