Planet Minecraft’s “Underwater Wonderland” wraps up top 3 winners

With such detailed builds, it must have been a very difficult decision.

With such detailed builds, it must have been a very difficult decision.
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Planet Minecraft’s Underwater Wonderland build contest that ended July 29th has finally announced the winners. To no surprise, BlockWorks is among the three reigning champs. In second place was Pandoras_Blocks, and in third was MysticAbsents.

First Prize Goes to BlockWorks

BlockWorks created a map following the guidelines laid out by Planet Minecraft called Deep Sea that combined deep sea and deep space for a perfect form of harmony we would expect from this well-established team.

Having over 10 contributors, they put together the map and lore for their Deep Sea build in just six days. For winning first place the team as a whole received $60 worth of Steam games, a golden pixelated trophy put on their profile page, and the profile featured on Planet Minecraft for a week.

Second Prize to Pandoras_Blocks

Another large build team called Pandoras_Blocks collaborated together to put forth an entry into the Underwater Wonderland contest called Xephira, where a goddess-type figure called Xephira is under the ocean in a hypnotic slumber where Steve finds her.

Featuring intricate builds, the lore depicts Steve staying underwater in a lab that he discovers. Pandoras_Blocks won $30 worth of Steam games, a silver pixelated trophy on their profile page, and their profile featured on Planet Minecraft for a week. 

Third Place to MysticAbsents

The third and final build team to reign in the top three winners of the Underwater Wonderland contest is MysticAbsents, building a map called Echoes from the Deep. Using a theme of Cyber Pirates gathering energy from coral reefs, they built a very colorful world featuring sea dragons and other monsters.

Being the last-prized winner, they won $20 in Steam games, a bronze trophy for their profile page, and their member’s page featured on Planet Minecraft for one week. 

With over 200 entrants into the Underwater Wonderland contest, Planet Minecraft had their work cut out for them in picking only three top winners. After viewing the maps it’s clear how each respective build team won. 

Congrats to all who entered, and I can’t wait to see the next Planet Minecraft contest. 

What did you think of these miraculous builds?

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