Planetary Annihilation – An Alpha Butt Kicking

Planetary Annihilation is very much in Alpha but the candy center of a very good RTS game is already there.
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Note: If you use an Alpha to judge the final game then you are missing the point. This Alpha shows the core concepts that Uber Entertainment wants to include in Planetary Annihilation. It shows none of the polish that will be applied to it.

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After playing the Planetary Annihilation Alpha I have to say that these guys seem to “get” large scale RTS. This makes sense when you have members from the teams that brought us games like Supreme Commander, Total Annihilation, Command & Conquer, Morrowind, Demigod, Battle of Middle Earth and Monday Night Combat. That’s a solid team with a unique depth and breadth of experience. The basics are all already there. Lots of polish to go of course, but simple things like cursor zoom (that other companies forget) are already in the game, the basic structures are in, the basic units are in and material handling is already there. Again… it is Alpha… lots of polish to go.

Should you play it at this point? If you can play Supreme Commander or Total Annihilation in your sleep then YES! If RTS games are something you pick up occasionally or sometimes enjoy then wait for it to come out of Alpha.

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