Planetside 2 Adds New Place to Wage War

Planetside 2 will be getting a new continent giving players a much needed change.

Soldiers of Auraxis, listen up!  Planetside 2, the mega successful free-to-play first-person shooter by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is about to get a new place to wage war.  According to Matt Higby, SOE’s Creative Director, the new continent Hossin will be available on their test server this week.  Those who are attending SOE Live in Los Vegas this year will be the first to try out the new locale with it coming to the test server soon after.

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In a tweet earlier today, Higby broke the news:

“For those of you not lucky enough to check out Hossin at SOE Live this week, Hossin will be released on Public Test this week as well!”

A new continent for Planetside 2 is something players have been wanting for the past few months.  The last patch to the game brought many community driven changes such as a new way to capture bases called the “Lattice System” and new weapons such as the NS-7G PDW sub-machine gun.  However, even with all of the content provided in the last patch, many players were disappointed that Hossin did not make an appearance, given that its release has been consistently pushed back since last March. 

With all of these new additions to the game, SOE has proven that they are listening to fans and want to provide a great experience in Planetside 2.  The success of the game continues to grow and hopefully will continue in the foreseeable future.  If you are a new to the Planetside universe, now is a great time to join in the fun. If you are a veteran who may have been put off initially by the game, then now is a good time to join back in.   

So have you played Planetside 2? What do you think of it? Comment below!

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