Planetside 2 And Warframe Heading To PS4

DC Universe Online, War Thunder,Blacklight Retribution, Dust514, Planetside 2 And Warframe are all coming to PS4!

Sony has been establishing their next-gen console as a viable platform for Free-to-Play titles.

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Sony has been reaching out to developers over the past few months about porting and creating free-to-play titles for their next-gen console. So far they’ve managed to get DC Universe Online, War Thunder, Blacklight Retribution and Dust514 onto the system.

Now it has just been confirmed that two more games will be coming to the PS4. SOE’s Massive FPS Planetside 2 and Digital Extreme’s co-op shoot em up ninja MMO Warframe will both be released on the system.

Will it still be the same game?

Both developers have stated their games will remain the same as their PC counterparts. The interfaces will be changed to be easier to use with a controller. Sony Online Entertainment did mention that “the PS4 version of Planetside 2 will utilize its own servers separate from the PC version.” Meaning that there will be no cross platform for Planetside 2. There is still no word from Digital Extremes about cross platform for Warframe.

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