Planetside 2 Got Some Bugs, Smedley Says ‘Ah Heck No!’

John Smedley wants to focus on optimization.

John Smedley wants to focus on optimization.

There might just be a little trouble in the world of Auraxis. According to John Smedley, the President of Sony Online Entertainment, the Planetside 2 team will cease most development on new content and instead focus on PC performance issues that seems to have plagued the MMOFPS with nearly every new update.

In some tweets on Smedley’s Twitter account, he says the following:

 Unacceptable is a good word to use. Since the last patch, labeled game update 14, many have complained that the game is constantly crashing to desktop. There have even been reports of people who have NVidia GeForce TITANs, the current fastest single GPU card on the market, getting below 30 frames per second when the standard for today’s fps games is 60 frames per second.

What does this mean for future content that has already been announced? It means there will be even more delays for content that players have eagerly been waiting on since February. However, it is good to know that they are focusing on their PC version of the game before they become too busy with the PlayStation 4 version which is anticipated to be released early next year.

Have you been having performance issues with Planetside 2?

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