Plants vs. Zombies 2 update introduces The Lost City of Gold

EA and PopCap Games continue the Plants vs. Zombies war in new territory.

EA and PopCap Games continue the Plants vs. Zombies war in new territory.

Everybody’s favorite garden dwellers are back in an update for the mobile Plants vs. Zombies 2. Earlier Tuesday, Electronic Arts revealed the inhabitants of the Lost City of Gold, the latest in the time-traveling defense game.

Anyone familiar with Plants vs. Zombies 2 knows that with every new world comes a slew of new faces. Joining Peashooter, Sunflower, Cactus, and Chomper are Red Stinger, Lava Guava, Endurian, and Autonomous Katapulting Ejectomatic Emitter. Rising from the grave for the zombie army are the Lost City Imp, Parasol Zombie, Porter Gargantuar, Bug Zombie, and Excavator Zombie. 

The quirky collection of added warriors will feature their own unique attacks, such as the Excavator Zombie, who physically lifts plants over of its head to the square behind it, or the Lava Guava, which erupts into a pool of zombie-killing magma. 

Along with new characters, the Lost City update is labeled as Part 1, which begs the question fo what Part 2 could include and where it may take our natural defenders.

After three titles of plant and zombie warfare, including the console release Garden Warfare, it’s good to see that PopCap Games still has a well of insanity to pull new, clever ideas from.

The continuously growing roster of playful but deadly soldiers has already spawned a board game, collectible figurines, and even apparel; and as the series continues to grow, so to does the possibility of merchandise and, dare we say it, even a movie.

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