Play a Fan-Made HD Remake of Super Mario 64 Now!

Replay the magic of Super Mario 64's Bob-omb Battlefield in HD
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There’s been chatter over the past year about a fan-made HD remake of Super Mario 64, and Unity developer Erik Ross has finally released it!

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Don’t expect to be playing the entirety of the retro classic in full HD, however. Developed single-handedly by the computer science student, the project was primarily meant to be an exercise in creating a custom character controller in the Unity game development engine. Because of this, Erik decided to narrow his focus to only creating one stage, the beloved Bob-omb Battlefield. 

For those interested in Unity game development, Erik has released the project and all of its files for public use on his development blog, where you can also read through his record of the process. But if you’re just here for play, you can go to his release post to enjoy the final product.

Keeping in mind that this is a student project, the game’s quality isn’t quite up to par with the public expectations of HD gaming, but it’s impressive nonetheless. As of the time of writing, Erik has stated that he has no plans to expand on the game or go back to fix any bugs, but strongly encourages others to do so.

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