This weekend Turtle Rock drops new DLC alongside freebies for PC and Xbox One players.

Play Evolve (and all DLCs) for free this weekend

This weekend Turtle Rock drops new DLC alongside freebies for PC and Xbox One players.

In an attempt to gain subscribers, Turtle Rock Studies is making Evolve available for free to Xbox One and PC gamers this weekend. The Hunt 2.0 update (released earlier this month), all available DLC, and the premiere of Meteor Goliath (a new monster) is included in the free weekend. 

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For players who choose to check it out, all progress will be saved for those who go on to buy the game after the weekend. Even players who already own the game, yet still have not had the chance to check out the DLC, can check it out this weekend for free. 

Evolve‘s player count is in decline, netting less than 500 players at the lowest low. This may be an opportunity for Evolve‘s fan base to gain those hesitant players unready to dedicate themselves wholly to the game. 

For those newcomers to Evolve, the gameplay is a 4 versus 1 death match between a monster (of the player’s choice) and 4 hunters of various classes. Online players hold all positions (monster and hunters) as they cycle through several maps to take down the beast with teamwork, or take down the hunters with brute force.

Evolve is available for free on PC from 12 p.m. PDT September 3rd until 10 a.m. PDT September 7th.  Xbox One’s free weekend begins 12:01 PDT September 4th and ends 11:59 PDT September 7th.

If you already own Evolve, the free DLC is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC from 12:01 a.m. PDT September 4th until September 6th. September 4th until 5th will include season one DLC and September 5th until 6th will include season two DLC.

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