Play FFXIV on PS4 For No Additional Cost

That's right, you can play Final Fantasy XIV on the Playstation 4 without having to buy another version of the game.

That's right, you can play Final Fantasy XIV on the Playstation 4 without having to buy another version of the game.

Playstation 3 Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to upgrade to the Playstation 4 version without the additional costs of buying another copy of the game. This is pretty big news considering that computer players had to buy an additional copy to play on the Playstation 3. Starting on February 22nd you will be able to convert to the beta version of Final Fantasy XIV on the Playstation 4. All character data will be able to be transferred to the new system and will still be playing with people on the computer and Playstation 3.

Pros and Cons:


The pros of this news are pretty straight forward, you don’t have to buy a new copy of the game, you don’t need a new account, and you can still play with all your friends. The multi-system servers are setup so that you can play with anyone on any system as long as you select the same server. If you buy a Playstation 4 all you need to do is plug it in, download it, play.


The cons aren’t really associated with the news so much as they are with the game itself. The user-interface for the Playstation is less customizable than the computer version. On the computer if you use a controller you can set the vertical hotbars even with your crossbars set to build a hybrid interface. On the Playstation you can not set the hotbars in addition to the crossbars even though you can still use a keyboard mouse setup. The Playstation version also has horrible FPS lag, so unless they have optimized the game for the Playstation 4 it’s not going to be worth the trouble.

While it’s great that we can play the game on a new system without paying extra for the additional copy of the game, the game needs a lot of work before the transition. I will most likely try out the Playstation 4 version when it becomes available see if it’s worth the file space on the hard drive. Let me know what you think about Final Fantasy XIV on Playstation in the comments below. Also share this out to let PlayStation users know they can upgrade when they get the Playstation 4.

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