Play Monkey Island’s Insult Swordfighting Now You Bilious Bag of Barnacle Bait

Classic 'insult sowrdfighting' gameplay from The Secret of Monkey Island now available in browser format.

Classic 'insult sowrdfighting' gameplay from The Secret of Monkey Island now available in browser format.
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The fondly remembered ‘insult swordfighting’ from the classic Monkey Island series is now available to play in your browser, courtesy of Karza Games.

Ron Gilbert’s The Secret of Monkey Island was a charming point-and-click adventure series released in 1990 which still holds a place in the hearts of many gamers. Harking from a gaming era in which wit and character were the defining features of a good game, the Monkey Island stories stood head and shoulders over their peers.

Hilarious moments and pop culture witticisms were wrapped up in the tale of the inept pirate wannabe Guybrush Threepwood’s adventures as he struggled against his arch nemesis, the ghost pirate LeChuck.

Amongst the many classic moments, Insult Swordfighting was the genius method of delivering an entertaining “combat system” through the use of dialogue alone. Until you have been on the receiving end of a given piratical put-down, you would be unable to execute it yourself, leaving you at the mercy of razor-tongued rogues.

Fans can now relive the entire war of words from The Secret of Monkey Island and the second sequel, The Curse of Monkey Island, in one handy browser-based package available here.

For more Monkey Island goodness, the original series was updated in 2011 and the Special Editions were made available on most modern platforms.

Look behind you… a three-headed monkey!


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