Starting on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015, SW:TOR will offer a 95% discount on Server Transfers.

Play With Your Friends: SWTOR Offers Deep Discount on Server Transfers

Starting on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015, SW:TOR will offer a 95% discount on Server Transfers.

Since announcing the newest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Knights of the Fallen Empire, BioWare’s MMO has seen a spike in subscriptions. New players have been coming in to see what the game is all about, and older players have been subscribing in hopes of cashing in on some of the promised subscriber rewards. With resubscribing comes the inevitable quandary: How do I play with my friends on X server when my characters all reside on Y server?

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To answer this burning question, SW:TOR has announced a limited time, massive discount on server transfers starting on June 23rd, 2015. While no end-date for the discount was announced, SW:TOR has stated that the promotion will ‘run for a while’ and that they will ensure that there is warning given several weeks in advance before the price returns to normal.

The discount on server transfers is an incredibly deep 95%, from 1800 Cartel Coins to a mere 90 Cartel Coins per transaction. Like all transactions for SW:TOR (barring actual subscriptions), server transfers can only be paid for through use of the IP-specific currency, Cartel Coins. As a reminder, all subscribers receive a 500 Cartel Coin monthly grant, and all players, regardless of subscription status, receive a 100 Cartel Coin monthly grant for having an authentication token (available as a dongle or through Android and iOS) on the account. For players who have already spent their available allowance, Cartel Coins are available for purchase through or from your local game retailer for real life money.

These Are The Friends You’re Looking For

Once the discounted server transfers go live on June 23rd, 2015, players can take advantage of them by initiating a standard character transfer.

  • Login and then visit:

  • Select Start a Character Transfer;

  • Choose the server on which the character you wish to transfer is located;

  • Select Choose a Character From Source Server;

  • Choose the character that you wish to transfer;

  • Choose the server to which you wish to transfer that character;

  • Select Next;

Once you have confirmed that the character is eligible:

  • Select Start Transfer;

  • Play with your friends!

Reminder: It can take up to an hour, or even longer, for a server transfer to complete, depending on system load.

Discounted Character Transfers will be live on June 23rd, 2015, once the scheduled server maintenance has concluded. Star Wars: The Old Republic is free-to-play, with bonuses offered to subscribers ($14.99 USD/month). Cartel Coin prices range from 450 for $5 USD to 5500 for $40 USD. Code cards for 2400 Cartel Coins are available at retail locations for $20 USD.

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