PlayStation 4 Bundles Return to GameStop… For Now

The PlayStation 4 is still tough to find, so strike while the iron's hot!

The PlayStation 4 has been very difficult to find since its launch in November. If you didn’t pre-order one, chances are, you’re still in the market.

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Sony said shipments were “limited” over the holidays, but they intend to ship as many units as possible to retailers in the first quarter of 2014. One of those shipments has just recently arrived at GameStop, as cited by Spawnfirst.

You can’t get a standalone console but they do have bundles. Check ’em out:

Just remember that all these are only available online for the time being. If you’d rather not purchase off, you can check with your local store and see if they’ve got any PS4s. Shipments will be sporadic but they will exist; it’s just a matter of getting lucky.

Availability is critical

Sony has the early lead and many analysts are industry insiders are saying that lead will actually increase. Well, maybe. There actually needs to be units to sell, though. It’s tough to maintain a sales lead otherwise. The good news is that due to the relative ease of manufacturing, Sony should be able to churn out a fair number of consoles.

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