PlayStation 4: Different Feature Details

On the PlayStation 4 you'll always know which trophy is the rarest you have, as well, you'll be able to stream your games to Twitch

With just two days left before the well anticipated launch of Sony’s next-generation console, the PlayStation 4, different features are coming to surface, captivating gamers all over the globe.

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The first one is quite important, as it involves sharing your gameplay… and your own face and voice while playing. Yes, you got it right; I’m talking about Twitch integration with the PlayStation 4.

In order for you to “do it right”, you must keep track of the chat while playing. Sony has worked this out and enabled the PlayStation 4 UI to show you your chat feed to the right side of the screen, while your gameplay goes to the left, pretty much the same way Twitch does–adding the number of viewers and those quite important statistics as well.

Adding to this integration, gamers will also be able to record themselves with the PlayStation Eye in pretty much the same way it is currently done for PC gamers, where you are streaming your gameplay while you are also recording yourself through your webcam.

PSN Trophies

Also, something quite cool that has been added is a feature like Steam’s, where your trophies are shown in an specific order. While on Steam it is set by the user, when talking about Sony’s PlayStation 4, trophies will be displayed in a way that your “rarest” trophy will go first, following a dynamic trophy-rarity system.

According to Sony, trophies will be classified as common, uncommon, rare, and ultra rare, and it is based on the number of gamers that have each individual trophy.

Also, all of your PlayStation Network trophies will be displayed in the same place, so you’ll be able to check your PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 trophies in the same place, without having to go all over your consoles to check them out.

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