PlayStation 4 Passes the 100 Million Mark, Demand Still High

The PlayStation 4 passes a major milestone in record time, while sales remaining fairly steady.

The PlayStation 4 passes a major milestone in record time, while sales remaining fairly steady.
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Games industry analysts say Sony has shipped 100 million PlayStation 4 units to date, and the company’s latest financial report shows demand remains steady.

Daniel Ahmad, an analyst with Niko Partners, provided the numbers on Twitter today, along with some charts comparing the PS4’s lifetime sales with other systems’.

Ahmad says that puts the PlayStation 4 above the Wii and PlayStation 2 in terms of how quickly it reached this milestone for total units shipped, though the chart he provided shows the Nintendo Switch’s trajectory is closely similar to the PS4’s. 

According to Sony’s latest financial report, the PlayStation 4 had sold 91.6 million units as of December 2018 (the end of 2019’s first fiscal quarter). Assuming sales followed a similar path as previous years’ sales, that means the gap between units sold and units shipped is likely quite small.

2018’s third quarter saw major releases like God of War and Yakuza 6: Song of Life, which doubtlessly drove sales up during that time.

However, even though Sony is forecasting lower hardware sales for the rest of this year, it seems demand is staying steady between 2 million and 3 million units sold each quarter. That’s even more impressive considering the lack of first-party software scheduled for this year and (currently) the PlayStation 5 (or whatever it’s called) on the way for next year.

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